The Case for Wonder

Why did humans ever begin to philosophize, to create literature, or to make scientific experiments? What has been the animating force behind this remarkable project known as civilization? Among the many possible answers, consider the case for wonder. Philosophy was, from the start, awe-inspired. Plato said that, “philosophy begins in wonder.” Aristotle agreed that “it ...


A Feast for the Soul

Allow me to give you a piece of marriage advice: things will be easier if only one of you cares about food. Otherwise, planning for dinner parties becomes a battle of wills. Your spouse feels that a double-crusted turkey pot pie would be nice, while you want very badly to make 48 hour short ribs. ...


How To Impress a Teenager

I recently read Paper Towns by John Green. The novel, which focuses on two high school students, was entirely inappropriate, demographically speaking. It departed significantly from the sorts of things that a family man in his late 30s is supposed to read. But I was inspired nonetheless. It challenged me to think about the art ...



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I know that I need to talk to my daughter about sex. She’ll be nine, and if I don’t say something soon, someone else will. A health teacher will broach the subject, explaining it all in medical terms. Or a classmate will whisper something confusing. In neither case will they tell her about intimacy proceeding ...


FEEDBACK! – Faith and Politics Forum

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Thank you to all those who came out to our Faith and Politics Form on Wednesday. We heard some great positions explained (as much as time would allow) and defended, but we’re sure we didn’t cover everything! To that end we are working on MORE ways to foster good conversation at Reason Together. But before ...


EVENT | Politics and Faith: NOV. 2ND @ 7:30PM

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Reason Together is hosting a discussion style forum to help Christians think through their upcoming vote in the 2016 Presidential Election. What is the topic? Helping Christians think through their upcoming vote in the 2016 Presidential Election. What will the format be like? Four panelists will speak from unique positions and share their perspectives. The ...